Gabriel Orengo has quickly become the newest emerging Latino artist in the R&B and Pop genres. By creating a uniquely crafted fusion of both genres in his music, Gabriel has rapidly captivated audiences. Due to his creative musicality, he continues to excite his fans as he progressively establishes his artistic mark on the music industry. A native from New Jersey, Gabriel was raised by his loving and supportive parents, who immigrated to the United States from Puerto Rico and Ecuador. He was first introduced to music at the age of five, and instantly fell in love with performing which inspired him to pursue his dream of becoming a musical artist. Gabriel first began to participate in piano and drum lessons, furthering his interest in composing, arranging, and performing his own music.

Growing up, Gabriel attended church regularly with his family, which gave him the opportunity to sing in the church choir and perform with his band, continuing to influence his passion for music. With his extensive knowledge and passion for the arts, he was appointed director of his church choir at the young age of fourteen. Gabriel composes and perfomers in both English and Spanish, demonstrating a proud and strong connection to his cultural roots. His musical inspirations range from R&B, Latino, and Pop Artists, such as Usher, Brian McKnight, and Enrique Iglesias.

Gabriel attended Full Sail University in Florida, where he studied Audio Engineering. During his time at Full Sail, he realized his desire was to work on his own solo material. In 2011, he created a YouTube channel that featured videos of him covering established artists. He rapidly gained massive amounts of views, fans, and praise. Fans were astonished by his musical creativity and how it successfully reflected in his music. A year later, he released his own independent work titled “Passion Prism” on iTunes. In 2013, he released another collection titled “The Radikl Playlist”, an album featuring covers of other artists, as well as his own personal music.

LaVonna Erby, Vice President of All That Is Entertainment, caught on to Gabriel’s successful YouTube following and knew right away he had the “It Factor”. In March of 2014, LaVonna referred Gabriel to manager Ian Burke of GreenHouse Management. Ian instantly saw the amazing potential and talent within Gabriel after hearing his music and immediately reached out to him. Three days after their initial contact, Gabriel participated in All That Is Entertainment’s showcase “Ready 2 Sign” in Atlanta, Georgia. Immediately following the success of the showcase, All That Is Entertainment owners Ena Love and Sheb Conner confidently signed Gabriel to a development deal for his first full-length solo album.

Gabriel is now recording his highly anticipated album. All That Is Entertainment and Ian Burke have brought together a variety of the most respected and accomplished producers in the music industry to work on the project. The team includes successful A&R executive Silas White, as well as Grammy nominated producers Kendrick Dean (Chris Brown), Medor (Usher & Romeo), and Chris Henderson (Jamie Foxx). Grammy Award winning producers Bryan M. Cox (Mariah Carey) and Dru Castro (India Arie) have also been invited are greatly devoted to working on the project. Gabriel’s album will be released in the spring 2015. By demonstrating his creative technique and effective influence on audiences, Gabriel is destined to achieve a huge and successful career very soon in the Latino, R&B, and Pop genres.

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