Trends are chased in the music business like celebrities are shadowed by the paparazzi. Recording artists tend to play it safe and replicate what’s happening on the charts. New concepts are about as rare as humility at award shows.  Grounded in honesty, respect, integrity and truth, All That Is Entertainment, LLC (ATIE) is an independent record label located in Los Angeles, CA whose mission is committed to creating, recording and distributing music that inspires throughout the world.

Ena & Sheb in the Studio

Ena & Sheb in the Studio

Merging their passion for music, their creative abilities and their success in business, Ena Love and Sheb Conner are the creators, owners and operators of All That Is Entertainment LLC. ATIE is built on a solid foundation based on the universal laws of life.

Ena Love, CEO of All That Is Entertainment, LLC, is a talented, multifaceted and successful businesswoman. In 2003 she co-founded a successful Telecom company which she sold in 2010. She also co-founded NSORO, a foundation which provides scholarships to youth who age out of foster care. Love is also a gifted song writer. Love states:

“Music is a gift to the soul. It motivates inspires and heals. I’m truly thankful for everything music has been in my life and honored to nourish the world with this gift which flows thru All That Is Entertainment. A.T.I.E is soon to be a premier record label and Shebena Music (our publishing company) will be home to great artists for many years to come.”

Sheb Conner, President of ATIE, is a vibrant and creative spirit, with a rich background in design, fashion and entertainment. He has been involved in the entertainment industry for over 10 years through the production of concerts, shows and personal performances. Mr. Conner now also expresses his vibrant talent and creative spirit through his music production. Conner states:

“All That Is Entertainment was created as a platform for something greater than ourselves to be expressed. We watch, amazed, as it unfolds and blossoms into a pillar of Truth for All to experience.”

The duo is a truly inspirational and positive influence within the entertainment industry, as well as in the way they live their day-to-day lives. They have amassed a team of veterans with over 45 years of combined industry experience. ATIE is created to inspire the world to be moved through the stories of their life commitments, joyful work, music and love.